Wednesday, May 27, 2009

White fever?

Sherrie didn't feel super-well the last few days. She had a near-continous headache since receiving the Neupogen injections. The last of these was given on Monday, but the headache persisted beyond that.

Sherrie had a CBC on Monday and her reported white count was 17.0! Normal is anything above 6.5 or so, and her white count had gotten as low as 1.7 late last week. The Neupogen must be doing its job.

Of moderate concern to us is that she had a slight fever (around 99.5F) beginning Tuesday around noon. We watched it rather closely throughout the day and evening, but it never got higher. By Wednesday afternoon, the fever and headache were gone, and she was feeling better. It seems rather odd that she would have a fever when her white count was so high. This will be a question for the doctor on Thursday.

We're hoping that she'll be feeling 100 percent for the beginning of the next round of chemo this Thursday afternoon.

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