Sunday, May 03, 2009

Chemo this week

Sherrie's infection has abated and is basically gone. We saw the doctor again this week and she inflated Sherrie's expander a little more. The pressure pushed out a bunch of yellowish "serum" or pus. The doctor also subscribed more antibiotics, and they seem to have gotten rid of the vestiges of the infection, as the redness and swelling (at least from the infection!) are gone.

We have a great deal of uncertainty this week with the beginning of chemotherapy. We don't have any idea what to expect. We've heard about the side effects and things that happen, but they are always couched in terms of "everybody reacts differently." So we are anxious and a bit pensive and nervous. We really have no idea what will become of this summer and how well Sherrie will feel. She hopes to be able to do normal things like work in the garden, help care for her mother, and have fun outings with our family. Time will tell.

We'll post an update after the first treatment on Thursday of this week.

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