Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chemo 1 report

Today's chemo session was unspectacular, at least so far. The only thing of any import that happened is that the oncologist told us he would order Neupogen for Sherrie to begin the day after her chemo session next Thursday. He said that since she had demonstrated falling to a low white count during the first cycle, we should just assume it will happen again, and try to prevent it with a five-day course of Neupogen. Sounds eminently logical.

The chemo induction was relatively quick and relatively incident-free. Sherrie didn't feel much like eating her ice toward the end, but she came home and ate a nice dinner (provided by a loving friend and neighbor--thanks!).

So now the waiting game begins. Hopefully the combination of the ginger and the two anti-nausea drugs will make the beginning of this cycle easier than the last.

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