Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hair today, gone today

This morning was a traumatic one for Sherrie. Her hair started coming out in small bunches last night. She could run her hand through her hair and pull out little clumps. This morning, the clumps were a little bigger, though it didn't look as though her hair was thinning yet. She struggled with the reality of the situation ("maybe it won't all fall out, but will just thin a little"), and in the end, she asked me to shave her head. So, we had a head shaving party this morning, and after a few minutes with the hair trimmer, it was all on the floor. It was an emotional experience, in spite of the mental preparations of the past few weeks.

Other than that, Sherrie has been feeling quite well. She's not really experiencing much (if any) nausea, and she seems to have sufficient energy each day. Her white count is surely low right now, and we have illness (colds) in the home, so those of us who are ill are keeping our distance as much as possible. She's beginning to dread the beginning of chemo cycle number two next Thursday.

I'm very proud of Sherrie for her great attitude and indomitable spirit. She's being put through the wringer, but she weathers the storms with strength, dignity, hope, and a positive outlook. She's a great example to me.

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