Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Post-Neupogen update

Our son has the H1N1 flu, as diagnosed and tested by our family doctor last night. The doctor gave the whole family a prescription for Tamiflu, which should help our son feel better sooner, and keep the rest of us from getting it.

Sherrie has a sinus infection. The doctor gave her antibiotics. The antibiotics often don't help her sinus infections, but maybe this time will be different.

Sherrie's white count on Sunday at the end of a week of Neupogen shots was only 4.5 or so. That's normal, but it's not very high after a week of shots. We are going to get another CBC on Wednesday of this week. I expect it will be low, and she'll have to go on more Neupogen shots, but we shall see.

Sherrie is looking forward to getting back to school. She was planning to go back this Monday, but based on the prevalence of the flu and her probable low white count, she's likely going to wait a week. No sense rushing it and catching something from the germ cesspool in school.

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