Sunday, November 01, 2009

The long and short of it

A few readers have been gently, and perhaps not so gently, chiding me for not updating this blog recently. They say, "you've got to update the blog; Nathan still has the flu and has to get better!"

Of course, Nathan got over the flu long ago, and the rest of us managed to avoid it up until now. We have all been healthy and hope the flu stays away! Her sinus infection went away quickly, and she's been strong and vibrant ever since.

Sherrie went back to her job at school three weeks ago. Although the flu and other illnesses are prevalent in our community, she's managed to avoid becoming ill. I suppose her tendency toward Adrian Monk-ish-ness helps.

Sherrie had a blood count this past Monday, and her counts all looked pretty much normal. The white count was a bit low, but nothing to be worried about. As far as her blood is concerned at least, chemo is a distant memory.

Sherrie's hair has started to grow out, but only just a tad. For weeks, I've been teasing her that she looked like Casper the Friendly Ghost, and now I'm teasing her that she looks like a GI Joe doll with a painted-on buzzjob. Not very flattering I know, but I have to call it as I see it :-D

Seriously though, her hair is growing quickly. It's quite blond so it doesn't show up like it would if it were dark, but she definitely has a five o'clock shadow.

Sherrie has been back to the plastic surgeon for more preparation for reconstruction. We're hoping that the remaining surgery can be performed before the end of the year.

After the last appointment with the oncologist, she started taking Tamoxiphen. She has to take it twice a day for five years. We hope the side effects aren't too pronounced.

It's good to have the challenge of chemo behind us. We hope to keep it in the rear-view mirror. Every indication we have now suggests we will.

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