Monday, September 14, 2009

Chemo report

Cycle number six has finally begun. We saw the oncologist again today, and had the usual interview and exam. All appeared well, and he gave her the go-ahead on chemo, based on last Friday's white count of around 3.5.

Sherrie did quite well during the administration of the chemo. She didn't have any trouble with nausea (real or conjured in the mind). The nurse kept her busy talking about stuff so that she wouldn't focus on the drugs. The nurse also covered the syringes so Sherrie wouldn't see the "red poison."

After the treatment, she felt pretty well, and even went into a store with me on the way home. She also ate a small amount of dinner. She's sleeping in her laz-y-boy chair right now,  so I'm not sure how she'll feel when she wakes up.

She was very excited on the way home to be able to say, "I'm done with all the nasties!"

The doctor mentioned during the exam that he'll see her four weeks after the "easy chemo" next Monday. At that appointment, we'll start talking about hormone treatment (Tamoxiphen). The doctor also cleared her to get a flu shot 2-3 weeks after next Monday's treatment.

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