Sunday, August 23, 2009

Over the hump

Sherrie made it over the hump around Thursday night or Friday. She's been much better since then. Her white count was high enough on Friday (17 I think) that she should be able to receive the second part of this round of chemo on Monday.

Sherrie was feeling so well that she went mountain biking with me on Saturday. We went up Logan canyon and road up the dirt road that follows Beaver Creek up into Idaho. We rode a little over four miles up the road, stopping to rest a couple of times in the shade. We then had a nice coasting ride back down to where we had parked the truck. We saw what appeared to be active beaver dams and lodges along the way. It was beautiful and we had a fun time together.

The end is in sight. If all goes well tomorrow, we can start to say, "only one more round of chemo!"

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