Monday, August 17, 2009

Chemo cycle number five begins

Sherrie began chemo cycle number five today. We met briefly with the oncologist, who looked over her lab reports and gave her an exam. He said her white count was less than ideal, but that she could still go ahead (yeah!). He scheduled her to begin receiving Neupogen shots tomorrow, and a lab for Friday. If her count is okay, she'll get the second part of this treatment a week from today (Monday).

The chemo infusion went according to routine, except that as the nurse began, Sherrie said, "I think I'm going to throw up." The nurse went looking for a barf bag, and I watched Sherrie turn white, close her eyes, put her hand to her mouth, and will it to stay down, which it did. After an interminably long time, the nurse finally found a bag and brought it to Sherrie. She had a dry heave or two, and then was okay for the rest of the treatment. Whether it was the large cup of red Sobe we bought on the way to doctor, or the nurse in her blue smock, something set her off.

So we now have a few days of some vomit and bad nausea, and then the worst of cycle five will be over.

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