Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The night before surgery

Sherrie and I had a wonderful day skiing/boarding at Beaver Mountain. It snowed about a foot the last couple of days, and the conditions were great. Spring has definitely sprung, and the conditions generally aren't so good this time of year, but the fresh snow was reminiscent of winter: soft and fun. We spent a lot of energy today and are tired tonight, but content and happy.

We went to the hospital tonight for the pre-op appointment. They registered us, talked to us about what to expect tomorrow (and when to come), took some of Sherrie's blood and made her pee in a cup (to be sure she's not pregnant).

We need to be at the hospital at 10:00 AM, to prepare for the sentinel node injection at 11:30. The surgery is scheduled for 1:00 PM, but may shift around a bit (hopefully not a lot!).

We still do not know what to expect for the hospital stay after the surgery. The nurse tonight asked us, "How long did he say you'd be here? Three or four days?" Eek! When I spoke to the doctor's nurse yesterday, she said that Sherrie might leave the same day, or maybe the next day. I think that since the surgery is going to be rather late in the day (at least 1:00 or later), she'll most likely stay overnight tomorrow night. But we shall see.

We have experienced a wonderful outpouring of love, concern, and help from our many friends, acquaintances, and family. It's a great blessing to have such special people in our lives. We are grateful to a loving Heavenly Father for placing so many angels in our circle of influence. We are blessed.

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