Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Surgery report

Sherrie had her reconstruction surgery yesterday. We arrived at the hospital about 11:00, and by 12:30, she went into the OR. We saw the surgeon before the procedure, which was a good thing because, in spite of our efforts to the contrary, she wasn't aware she was supposed to remove Sherrie's port-a-cath. The surgeon also drew lines all over Sherrie to help her during the surgery.

The surgery went a little faster than the nurse indicated; I saw the doctor no more than 90 minutes after it started, perhaps a bit sooner. The surgeon said everything went well. It must not have been too invasive, as she said that Sherrie could ski in three weeks!

After about an hour, they moved Sherrie to recovery, and I got to see her. She was very groggy, sore, and nauseous. The nausea lasted a couple of hours, slowly getting worse, until Sherrie threw up all the liquid in her stomach. After that, she started to feel better fairly quickly. We got her dressed and out the door and drove through a snowstorm to get home.

Sherrie slept in the La-Z-Boy last night. She slept okay, but wasn't that comfortable, and got into bed early this morning and slept a little more. The doctor gave her a prescription for pain-killers, but they make her sick so she's just taking Tylenol. She's sore, but seems to be doing well.

Early indications are that recovering from this surgery won't be near as bad as the mastectomy was.

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