Monday, April 13, 2009

"Port-a-cath" procedure

Sherrie had a "port-a-cath" installed this morning in an out-patient procedure at the hospital. The "port-a-cath" is a catheter inserted in a major vein near the heart, buried under the skin. It allows clinicians to administer IVs and take blood easily, safely, and relatively pain-free. It's a lot better than having an IV on a regular basis during the chemo cycles.

The procedure took less than an hour. Sherrie had a less powerful form of anethesia; the surgeon said, "it gives you amnesia." She remembers nothing between going into the operating room and waking up in the recovery room. She had none of the ill effects of general anesthesia, except that she was sleepy for about 90 minutes after the procedure.

She's sore now and resting (sleeping) in her easy chair. She has a bandage over the affected area, and can take it off in a day or two. On Friday, we go see the surgeon to have him check it out to be sure all is well (the same day she gets the rest of her stitches out).

At one point during recovery, we were small-talking about nothing much in particular, and Sherrie remarked, "It sure is sleepy in here."

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